Supernova New Music Playlist - Spotify & Apple Music

As you will have gathered, here at Supernova we love music. Our whole range is based on what we like to wear not only on the terraces but in the crowd at gigs or festivals.

For those who are on Spotify or Apple Music, we have our New Music Playlist. This has been on the go for a while now & we regularly update it. Adding not just new music from our favourite bands & artists but from new bands/artists we come across.

So from The Gallagher’s, Cast & Shed Seven to our latest additions Travis, Concrete Kid, The Zutons & Dead Sea Souls. They are all there on the same playlist.

If you are on Spotify or Apple Music, please give it a go & you may find something new that you like !
Links are below.


James ✌️😎


Apple Music: